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Dotanba (土壇場 – Critical Moment)

  • Dotanba


    I don’t like a situation called “dotanba” (土壇場) very much.

    “Dotanba” means a critical moment or the last moment that you’re required a decision.

    The “do” (土) means “earthen,” the “tan” (壇) means “platform,” the “ba” (場) means “place,” so the literal meaning of “dotanba” is “an earthen platform place.”
    「土」は “earthen,” 「壇」は “platform,” 「場」は “place” を意味するので、「土壇場」の文字どおりの意味は “earthen platform place” のようになります。

    Before the Edo period, “dotanba” was used in the literal meaning.

    However, in the Edo period, criminals were made lie down on “dotanba” and were executed, so it has come to mean an execution place, and changed to the current meaning.

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