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Otona Gai (大人買い – Buying a Large Amount of Something)

  • Otona Gai


    When I was a child, I wanted to do “otona gai” (大人買い) someday.

    The “otona” (大人) means “adult,” and “gai” (買い) means “to buy,” but it’s by no means a illegal thing like “to buy an adult.”
    「大人」は “adult,” 「買い」は “to buy” ですが、決して変な意味ではありません。

    “Otona gai” means to buy a lot of blind package products that contains toys or cards at once.

    Of course, these products are sold for children, so basically they are cheap ones that shouldn’t be purchased a lot at once.

    However, if you are an adult, you can buy a large quantity of these products by the power of money.

    Because of this, such an act has come to be called “otona gai,” and now it is also used to mean just “bulk buying” for general products.

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