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Pīman (ピーマン – Green Pepper)

  • Pīman


    Do you know what “green pepper” is called in Japanese?
    “Green pepper” のことを日本語でなんと言うかご存知ですか?

    As I wrote in this title, it’s “pīman” (ピーマン).

    This word comes from a French “piment” (or a Spanish “pimento”), which means “chilli pepper.”
    この言葉は、トウガラシを意味するフランス語 “piment” (もしくはスペイン語の “pimento”)に由来します。

    When it was brought to Japan, the term was slightly misunderstood, and we have come to call mild peppers (green/bell peppers) “pīman.”

    Although “pīman” comes from French, it is called “poivron” in French.
    「ピーマン」はフランス語に由来するにも関わらず、フランス語では “poivron” と言います。

    Incidentally, since “pīman” is written in katakana and has no kanji, most Japanese people understand that this is a loanword.

    However, if a Japanese regard “pīman” as English and say something like “I like pīman (pee man),” he may be considered as a strange person.
    しかし「ピーマン」を英語と勘違いして “I like pīman” なんて言ってしまうと、危ない人になってしまうかもしれません。

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