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Kegirai (毛嫌い – Dislike)

  • Kegirai


    Is there something that you don’t like instinctively without any specific reason.

    In Japan, we use a verb “kirai” (嫌い) when meaning to dislike something, and if there is no clear reason for the feeling of the dislike, we will say “kegirai” by adding “ke” (毛), meaning “hair.”

    This term comes from the fact that beasts and birds (especially females) choose heterosexual ones depending on the hair/coats.

    For example, it’s used like the following:

    “Seiji wo kegirai suru” (政治を毛嫌いする – I hate politics anyway).

    “Josei ni kegirai sareru” (女性に毛嫌いされる – I’m disliked by women with no reason (actually there might be some reasons though)).

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