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Gou wo Niyasu (業を煮やす – Getting Irritated)

  • Gou wo Niyasu


    Have you ever gotten angry because things didn’t go well as you expected?

    Getting angry like this is called “gou wo niyasu” (業を煮やす) in Japanese.

    The word “gou” (業) of “gou wo niyasu” is a Buddhism term, meaning an act by the body, the mouth, or the mind (it especially means an act by the mind here).

    Also, the literal meaning of “niyasu” (煮やす) means to boil something, but since the act heats something using fire, it can also mean to strengthen feelings or emotions.

    Therefore, “gou wo niyasu” means to get angry/irritated, and the feeling is strengthened.

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