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Nashi no Tsubute (梨の礫 – Getting No Reply)

  • Nashi no Tsubute


    Have you ever received no reply/response after you give a letter or try to make contact?

    If you don’t get any response like this situation, it is called “nashi no tsubute” (梨の礫) in Japan.

    “Tsubute” of “nashi no tsubute” means a pebble that is mainly used as throwing weapon.

    Since thrown pebbles (tsubute) never come back to your hand, getting no reply has come to be called “nashi no tsubute.”

    “Nashi” of “nashi no tsubute” use the kanji, “梨,” which means a kind of fruits, “Pyrus pyrifolia,” but it just a metaphor for “nashi” (無し), which means nothing.

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