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Chokkai (To Meddle)

  • Chokkai


    Today I would like to talk about the Japanese term “chokkai.”

    “Chokkai” means to interfere from sideways or to make a move on someone with a light heart.

    “Cho” of “chokkai” is a part of “chotto,” which means “a little,” “kai” means “to scratch,” and “chokkai” originally meant that a cat or a dog scratches and pulls something by moving the front paw a little.

    Since the action looked like a lark or just confirming something without reason, the term has come to the meaning as “to meddle with something.”

    In most cases, it’s used like “chokkai wo dasu” (“dasu” means “to put something out”), or “chokkai wo kakeru” (“kakeru” means “to put something on”).

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