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  • Today I will talk about the term “ponzu.”


    “Ponzu” refers to a seasoning in Japanese cuisine, that is made by adding acetic acid to juice of citrus.

    This term comes from the Dutch word “pons,” which means juice of citrus.

    Furthermore, “pons” comes from the Hindi word “panc,” which means “five.”
    この言葉は、オランダ語で柑橘類の果汁を意味するオランダ語の “pons” から来ています。

    The thing is that “pons” originally meant a type of cocktail that was made by mixing five ingredients, such as juice of citrus, sugar, and spices.
    さらに、”Pons” はヒンディー語で 5 を意味する “panc” から来ています。

    However, I heard that the word “pons” has obsoleted now in the Netherlands.
    もともと “pons” は、柑橘類の果汁や砂糖、スパイスなど5種類のものを混ぜて作られるカクテルのことを意味していたようです。

    Incidentally, the kanji “酢” of “ポン酢 (ponzu)” can be read as “su,” and means “vinegar” — the origin of this Japanese term is a kind of pun.
    しかし、”pons” は現在オランダでは廃語となってしまっているようです。

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