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Kokera Otoshi (Dropping Chips of Wood)

  • Kokera Otoshi


    Today I will talk about the Japanese event called “kokera otoshi”.

    “Kokera otoshi” is the first event that is held in a newly constructed theater as part of the opening festivities.

    “Kokera” means chips of wood that are produced when cutting timber, and “otoshi” means “to drop”.

    After building a wooden building, we first brush down “kokera” that are left on the roof.

    From this fact, the event which will be held for the first time after the theater is constructed came to be referred to as “kokera otoshi”.

    By the way, “kokera” is written as “杮” in kanji.

    This kanji is really similar to “柿” (kaki) (which means “persimmons”), but it’s different at the right part — the vertical bar is connected in “杮” (kokera), while it’s separated in “柿” (kaki).

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