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Hieru” and “Sameru

  • Today, I will talk about the similar Japanese words “hieru” and “sameru”.


    Both of them use the same kanji “冷”, and both can be expressed as “to get cool,” but there is a clear difference about the meaning.

    When you want to choose either word, consider it based on ordinary temperature.
    どちらも同じ漢字を使っており、どちらも “get cold” と表現することができますが、明確な意味の違いがあります。

    “Hieru” means that bodies or things are cooled down below ordinary temperature.

    For example: “Karada ga eacon de hieru” (my body gets chilled by the air conditioner) / “Reizoko de kudamono wo hiyasu” (I cool fruits in the refrigerator).

    “Sameru” means that hot bodies or things are cooled down around ordinary temperature.

    For example: “Atatakai gohan ga sameru” (hot rice gets cool) / “hotetta karada wo uchiwa de samasu” (I cool down my heated body by using a paper fan).

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