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Saji o Nageru (Throw a Spoon)

  • Saji o Nageru


    Today, I will talk about the Japanese idiom “saji o nageru.”

    The literal meaning is “to throw a spoon,” and this spoon expresses a spoon that is used in pharmaceutical preparations.
    文字通りの意味は “to throw a spoon” であり、匙は薬を調合するためのものを表しています。

    In the past, (Chinese medicine) doctors prepared medicines for curing patients.

    However, when any approach to treatment wasn’t found, they gave up and threw the spoons for preparing medicines.

    From this story, “saji o nageru” came to mean “to conclude there is no chances and give up.”

    In the Edo period, there was a senryu (satirical haiku/poem) “inaka isha saji o nagete ha uma de nige,” which means that a rural doctor threw a spoon and ran away riding a horse.
    江戸時代の川柳には、「田舎医者 さじを投げては 馬で逃げ」という句もあります。

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