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Nikujaga (simmered meat and potatoes)

  • Nikujaga


    Today, I will talk about “nikujaga,” which is a familiar simmered dish in Japan.

    The ingredients of the nikujaga is meat, potatoes, onions and konjac, and the cooking procedure is divided into two steps: fry the ingredients, and simmer them with soy sauce, sugar, and mirin (which is an alcoholic condiment).

    It is easy to cook the nikujaga, so we often refer it as “a taste of mother’s home cooking.”

    However, it is said that we actually made the nikujaga by imitating a beef stew.

    In 1870s, a Japanese, Heihachiro Togo was studying in the UK, and he liked the beef stew, then he tried to make someone to cook it in Japan.

    However, there were no wine and a demi-glace sauce in Japan.

    For the reason, we tried to cook the beef stew using soy sauce and sugar, as a result, the nikujaga seemed to be made.

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