Complement versus Compliment

  • When I write a technical paper, I sometimes use the word “complement.”

    Complement と compliment

    However, I often mistake “compliment” for “complement,” and it makes me go out of my tree.
    私は技術文書を書くとき、たまに complement(補完) という単語を使います。

    Today, I’d like to write a note how I remember them.
    しかし、よく compliment と間違えて、どっちがどっちだかわからなくなります。

    “Compliment” contains “I.”

    In Japanese, “I (ai)” means “love.”
    Compliment には i が含まれます。

    That is, I can remember it like “There is a love in compliment.”
    日本語で i(ai) は love(愛)という意味です。

    Also, “Complement” contains “e.”

    In Japanese, “e (e-)” means er (hesitation).
    また、Complement には e が含まれます。

    That is, I can remember it like “Complement? Er, it is a bother.”
    日本語で e(e-, えー)は、er(ためらい)を表します。

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