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Japanese Loves Bath

  • Most Japanese love baths, and get in a bath everyday.


    We take average thirty three minutes for a bath, and this is the longest time in the world.

    I’m also get in a public bath that is attached to a sport gym everyday.

    Since I can relax and feel good by taking a bath, I usually take about an hour for the bath.

    I think the public bath is also excellent as a place of communication.

    However, when you take Japanese public baths or hot springs, note that there are some bathing etiquette as the followings:

    ・You must wash your body before you get in a bath.
    ・You must not put your towels into a bath.
    ・You must take a shower after you use a sauna.
    ・You must wipe your body carefully before you return to a changing room.

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