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Rain Bringer

  • Rain Bringer

    In Japan, there is a word Ameotoko, which means a man whose presence bring on rain in events such as a travel. The word is often used as a joke, but I think it might denigrate someone. In my considered opinion, raining on a trip is not rare case at least in Japan. Actually, the number of precipitation days is 123 days a year in Japan, it’s almost one-third probability. There is no wonder that it rains during travels for several times in a row.

    However, if it rains for 15 consecutive times, the probability becomes less than being hit with a thunderbolt probability (or the lottery winning probability). Also, if it rains for 20 consecutive times, the probability becomes as probable as being hit by a meteorite. If there is such a person, he should be respected, I think.

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