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Satanic Kotatsu

  • Today, I got a kotatsu out from closet.

    A kotatsu, it’s a traditional furniture of Japan, also a satanic tool.

    It’s small table with an electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt.

    It’s really really comfortable.

    Therefore, once I sit under the kotatsu, I wouldn’t want to leave from there.

    The aspect seems a parasite who live with kotatsu.

    Those who live with kotatsu is sometimes called “kotatsumuri,” which is made up of two words, “kotatsu” and “katatsumuri.” (katatsumuri means snail.)

    Every winter, the lazy people were mass-produced by kotatsu, so I want to deal it very carefully.

    Ahhh, I must be in heaven…

    By the way, the man whose car was bumped by my one contacted me.

    As repair costs, He requested ten thousand yen (almost 85 dollars) to me.

    Fortunately, the repair place was his car’s license plate only.

    I’m grateful for surviving.

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