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New Year’s Greeting Card using Mandelbrot Set

  • Today, I wrote New Years greeting cards.


    In Japan, there are twelve of zodiac signs (animal symbols), one for each year, and we often draw the upcoming year’s animal on the New Years card.

    The zodiac sign for next year is the sheep, but I thought it would be boring to merely draw a sheep.

    So, I searched for sheep in the Mandelbrot set which is represented as follows:


    where C is a complex number, and what’s interesting is that, this complex sequence represents a fractal (fractal means the shape has many various self-similar patterns).

    And after a while, I found a sheep-like shape in the square of the diameter 4.57321575822222e-8 which was centered at the coordinate (-1.74972831529409, -3.35584316649456e-10) .
    そして暫くして、私は座標 (-1.74972831529409, -3.35584316649456e-10) を中心とした直径 4.57321575822222e-8 の正方形領域内に、羊のような形を見つけました。

    I decided to use the sheep hidden in the Mandelbrot set. Then, I drew eyes on the sheep and printed it.

    A beautiful sheep-shaped mathematical set was completed!

    [ Colorful image ] [ Tone curve corrected image ] [ Result of trimming and rotating and adding an eye. ]

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