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Makaizō (魔改造 – Extreme Modification)

  • Makaizō


    Japanese people are fond of makaizo (魔改造).

    The slang term makaizō refers to the extensive modification of plastic models and toys, especially in cases where the modification deviated significantly from the original purpose or meaning.

    Since ma (魔) means “devil,” and kaizō (改造) means “modification,” makaizō literally means “devilish modification.”
    「魔」は “devil”、「改造」は “modification” を意味するので、「魔改造」は文字どおり “devilish modification” という意味になります。

    There are various kinds of makaizo, such as changing human figurines’ legs into wheels to make them movable or installing an electromagnetic acceleration mechanism in a toy that can shoot marbles (known as B-Daman) to make it more powerful.

    You can also use the term makaizō for various things, such as food and beverages. Japanese ramen (originated in China) and Japanese curry (originated in India) are typical examples of makaizō.

    In addition, the California Roll, a kind of sushi popular in the US, can also be considered as makaizō for Japanese sushi.

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