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En no Shita no Chikaramochi (縁の下の力持ち – Power Behinds the Scenes)

  • En no Shita no Chikaramochi


    A person who works hard for someone else behind the scenes is called en no shita no tikaramochi (縁の下の力持ち) in Japanese.

    Since en (縁) means “veranda-like porch,” shita (下) means “under,” and chikaramochi (力持ち) means “powerful person,” the literal meaning of en no shita no chikaramochi is “a powerful person under the veranda-like porch.”
    「縁」は “veranda-like porch”、「下」は “under”、「力持ち」は “powerful person” を意味するので、「縁の下の力持ち」の文字どおりの意味は “” となります。

    The pillar under the veranda-like porch is not noticeable, but it has a very important role in supporting the porch.

    For this reason, en no shita no chikaramochi came to have its current meaning.

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