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Itashi Kayushi (Mixed Blessing)

  • Itashi Kayushi


    If you do what you want to do, some problems may happen.

    In such a case, I think that it’s difficult to decide whether or not you should do that.

    We call this situation “itashi kayushi (痛し痒し)” in Japanese.

    “Itashi” (痛し) means “painful,” “kayushi” (痒し) means “itchy,” and the idiom “itashi kayushi” implies a situation that it will be painful if you scratch at a spot (e.g., where is stung by an insect) of your body, and it will be itchy if you don’t scratch there.

    That is to say, this idiom means a situation where it’s difficult to decide what you should do because both choices have good aspects and bad aspects.

    I don’t want to be in such a situation, itashi kayushi.

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