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Sumeba Miyako (Home is where you make it)

  • Sumeba Miyako


    Today I will talk about the Japanese proverb “sumeba miyako.”

    “Sumeba miyako” means that even if the place is difficult to live, you will feel as if it’s miyako once you live.

    Here the word “miyako” comes from “miyadokoro,” and both mean a place where the emperor lives, that is the capital.

    Therefore, the suffix of “Tokyo” is “to” (“to” is another reading of “miyako”) instead of “ken,” meaning “prefecture” — “Tokyo-to” expresses that it is the Japanese capital.

    Also, there is a similar proverb, which is “sumaba miyako.”

    “Sumaba miyako” means that miyako (the capital city) is the best if you would live, and it’s quite different from “sumeba miyako.”

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