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Benke no Nakidokoro (Benke’s Weak Point)

  • Benke no Nakidokoro


    Today I would like to talk about the Japanese term “benke no nakidokoro.”

    The literal meaning is “Benke’s weak point,” and it expresses “shin” (that is a part of your body), “weak point” or “vital spot” .

    In the past in Japan, there was a tough heroic figure named “Musashibo Benke”.

    Although he was heavily built, he cried when he would be kicked his shin, so this term was made.

    By the way, it is said “Achilles’ heel” in English.
    ちなみに、英語では “Achilles’ heel” (アキレスの踵)と言うようです。

    Achilles is a legendary and immortal hero in Greek mythology, but he had the only weak point on his heel, so this term was made.

    The term “Achilles tendon” comes from the same story.

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