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Dango (Dumpling)

  • Dango


    Today, I will talk about the traditional Japanese food “dango”.

    Dango is a kind of dumpling made from flour of cereal or rice, which is added to water and steamed.

    There are various kind of dango; seasoned with bean paste of sugar and soy sauce, soybean flour, or artemisia.

    “Hanami dango” (dango for cherry-blossom viewing) is often eaten during cherry blossom viewing party, and is usually composed of three color dango that is on a skewer.

    There are some theories of the reason of three color dango, but the most widely accepted one is that the red (pink) dango means cherry blossom, the white dango means spring haze, the green dango means verdure, that is, the hanami dango expresses spring.

    By the way, there is a Japanese proverb “花より団子” (dango is better than blossoms), which means that people prefer to beneficial things than beautiful things.

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