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  • Today, I will talk about the Japanese word “utau,” which has several different kanji.


    “Utau” is normally written as “歌う” in kanji, and it means “sing” in English.

    Basically, there is no problem if you can read/write this kanji.
    「うたう」は通常「歌う」と書き、英語の “sing” に相当します。

    There are two other kanji that mean “sing”: “唄う” and “謡う.”

    “唄う” is often used for traditional Japanese songs or twitters of birds.
    “Sing” を意味する漢字には、他にも「唄う」「謡う」があります。

    “謡う” is often used for Japanese nursery rhymes and folk songs.

    Also, “詠う” is used for waka and tanka (traditional Japanese poem).

    “謳う” is also read as “utau,” but this is used when you praise something, or you want to emphasize your words.

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