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Hito no Uwasa mo Shichijugo-nichi (Gossip Lasts 75 Days)

  • Hito no Uwasa mo Shichijugo-nichi


    Today, I will talk about the Japanese proverb “hito no uwasa mo shichijugo-nichi” (gossip lasts 75 days).

    As the term suggests, this proverb means that any gossip doesn’t last more than 75 days, and it will be forgotten naturally in due course.

    We often use this proverb as comforting words for a person who is depressed due to his/her bad gossip, e.g., “It’s okay because gossip lasts less than only 75 days. “

    The most acceptable reason why the number 75 is used is that there were five seasons once in Japan, and one season is around 75 days.

    That is to say, our ancestors thought that any gossip would faded when seasons change.

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