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  • I stayed in a pension the day before yesterday.


    However, the meaning of “pension” is normally “money that is paid regularly as a retirement benefit,” so it might be difficult to convey the meaning of the above sentence to English speakers.

    “Pension” is the loanword from French.
    しかし pension の意味は基本的に「年金」であり、英語話者には意味が伝わりにくいようです。

    In European countries, since pensioners have used their vacant rooms as student dormitories or boarding hostels, they refer “relatively inexpensive accommodation” as “pension.”
    ペンションは、フランス語の pension からの外来語です。

    In Japan, we also call “accommodation” “pension,” but in general, it is Western-style.
    そして、年金生活者が自宅の空き部屋を学生寮や下宿式のホテルにしたことから、ヨーロッパでは比較的安価な宿泊施設を pension と呼ぶようになりました。

    Also, pensions in Japan are located in resort areas or sightseeing spots, and the room rates aren’t inexpensive very much.

    This seems to correspond to “B&B (bed and breakfast)” in the US and the UK, though we can eat both dinner and breakfast in most cases in Japan.

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