There’s No Limit to Things (Ue niwa ue ga aru)

  • Today, I’d like to introduce a Japanese phrase that we often confused.


    It’s “ue niwa ue ga aru (which means there’s no limit to things, or there’s always somebody above you.)”

    This is the phrase, which express there is no limit to things, but we often say “ue niwa ue ga iru (“iru” means a person is present, while “aru” means a thing is present).”

    I think the reason is because when we say this phrase to people, “iru” sounds more natural.

    However, originally, using “aru” in this phrase seems to be accurate even when the subject is person.

    Actually, I had also thought that “ue niwa ue ga iru” was a correct Japanese expression until today.

    Original sentence