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  • Kilimanjaro is the 5,895-meter-height mountain located in the northeastern part of Tanzania, and is the highest free-standing mountain in the world.


    This name is also famous as a coffee brand, and it is one of the most popular brands in Japan.
    キリマンジャロはタンザニア北東部に位置する標高 5,895 m の山で、山脈に属さない独立峰としては世界一の高さを誇ります。

    Japanese often call “Kilimanjaro” of coffee “キリマン(Kiliman)” in abbreviation, but this split way is wrong in a narrow sense.

    “Kilima” in “Kilimanjaro” means “mountain” in Swahili, amd “njaro” means “shining white” in Chaga languages.

    Therefore, we actually have to split “Kilimanjaro” as “Kilima-njaro(キリマ・ンジャロ).”

    Original sentence