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Measures Against Mosquitos

  • In this season in Japan, the number of mosquitoes gradually increase.

    I really don’t like mosquitoes because they often interrupt my sleep.

    So today, I searched for how can we keep mosquitoes away.

    ・Don’t drink alcohol.

    Mosquitoes prefer carbon dioxides and warm things.

    If you are drinking, your body temperature will rise, and your breath will contain many carbon dioxides.

    Furthermore, when the alcohol is decomposed, carbon dioxides will be generated.

    Therefore, if you want not to be bitten by mosquitoes, you should not drink.

    ・Wear pale colored clothes.

    Mosquitoes prefer dark color and high brightness color.

    ・Put vinegar or peppermint oil near your bed.

    Mosquitoes hate vinegar and peppermint oil.

    ・Use an electric fan.

    Flight speed of mosquitoes is around 2.4 kilometers per hour, so they can’t flight well due to winds of a fan.

    Also, a fan diffuses carbon dioxides and smell that are generated from you.

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