Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

  • Gorilla is the largest animal in primate, and the scientific name is interesting.

    Gorilla is divided into two species; western gorilla and eastern gorilla.

    Western gorilla is divided into two subspecies; western lowland gorilla and cross river gorilla.

    Eastern gorilla is also divided into two subspecies; mountain gorilla and eastern lowland gorilla.

    The science names of these gorillas are shown in the followings;

    Western gorilla : Gorilla gorilla

    – Western lowland gorilla : Gorilla gorilla gorilla

    – Cross river gorilla : gorilla gorilla diehli

    Eastern gorilla : Gorilla beringei

    – Mountain gorilla : Gorilla beringei beringei

    – Eastern lowland gorilla : Gorilla beringei graueri

    The most popular species in gorilla is western lowland gorilla, that is gorilla gorilla gorilla.

    By the way, the science name of human is homo sapiens sapiens.

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