Interesting Programmer’s English

  • Today, I learned some English phrases used by programmers, and I think they were interesting. So I’d like to introduce some of them.

    “I’m teenager in hex.” or “I’m 20’s in hex.”
    10 to 1F in hex means 16 to 31 in decimal, and 20 to 2F in hex means 32 to 47 in decimal. So I can say “I’m teenager in hex,” hehe. If you say your age in hex, it’s possible to pretend as if you’re young.

    “I took a core dump.”
    This means I drank too much or I puked. Core dump is an original memory file and it is spat up when a fatal error occurs. Anyway, this phrase This phrase represent like I’m really out of shape.

    “She is Haskell.”
    This means she is really pure, but it’s difficult to approach.

    “He created a Lisp implementation in PostScript.”
    This means he is a freak.

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