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Jūmangoku Manjū (十万石まんじゅう)

  • Jūmangoku Manjū


    Today, I bought jūmangoku manjū (十万石まんじゅう), a famous sweet of Saitama Prefecture.

    Since jūman (十万) means “a hundred thousand,” goku/koku (石) is the old unit of currency, which is now about 50,000 yen, and manjū (まんじゅう) is a kind of traditional Japanese cake, the literal meaning of jūmangoku manjū is “about five billion yen manjū.”
    「十万」は “a hundred thousand” を意味し、「石」は昔の通貨単位で現在の「約5万円」、「まんじゅう」は和菓子の一種であるため、「十万石まんじゅう」の文字どおりの意味は “about five billion yen manjū” (「約50億円まんじゅう」)となります。

    I also bought a jūman gold manjū (10万ゴールドまんじゅう), a collaborative product with “Dragon Quest Walk” (the ingredients are the same as those of ‘jūmangoku manjū’).

    According to Yuji Horii, the creator of Dragon Quest, the in-game currency “G (Gold)” is equivalent to about 100 yen.

    That is to say, jūman gold manjū means “about ten million yen manjū.”

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