931 and 201

  • 931 and 201

    931 と 201

    I will continue to give you a quiz about digits.

    “931” and “201” — do you know what these numbers mean?

    “9,” “3,” and “1” can be read as ku (く), sa (さ), and i (い), respectively, so “931” can be read as kusai (くさい), which means “stink/stinky.”

    “2,” “0,” and “1” can be read as ni (に), o (お), nad i (い), so “201” can be read as nioi (におい), which means “smell.”

    You can combine the above two numbers like “931201” (くさいにおい – “stinky smell”).

    Incidentally, if you write “11201” (いいにおい), you can mean “good smell.”

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