Mokuhyō (目標) and Mokuhyō (目的): Part 2

  • Mokuhyō and Mokuteki Part 2

    目標と目的 Part 2

    Today I would like to introduce you to the difference between mokuhyō (目標) and mokuteki (目的); even Japanese people often confuse them.

    As the word teki (的 – target) indicates, ‘mokuteki‘ is your final goal, and it should be the essential answer to the reason you act.

    On the other hand, as the word hyō (標 – mark) indicates, ‘mokuhyō‘ are specific goals/aims/objectives to achieve your final goal.

    In summary, ‘mokuteki‘ is your abstract final goal, whereas ‘mokuhyō‘ are specific goals for achievement in the final goal.

    For example, my mokuteki in life is to become a researcher who is active in the front lines in the world, and my mokuhyō to achieve this mokuteki are the followings: writing English on Lang-8 every day, reading a paper every week, and submitting a paper to a scientific journal every year.

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