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Sarusuberi (サルスベリ – Lagerstroemia Indica)

  • Yesterday, I introduced you to a term related to 猿 (saru – monkey).


    Today I’d like to talk about a kind of tree: サルスベリ (sarusuberi), the name of which contains サル (saru – monkey).

    “Sarusuberi” is a member of the family Lythraceae, and is called “Lagerstroemia indica” or “crape myrtle” in English.

    Here, スベリ (suberi) of “sarusuberi” means “to slip.”

    Since the bark of “sarusuberi” is very smooth and even a monkey slips and falls from the tree, it has become such a name.
    「サルスベリ」はミソハギ科の落葉中高木で、英語では “Lagerstroemia indica” もしくは “crape myrtle” と呼ばれます。

    Incidentally, this tree has another name: クスグリノキ (kusuguri no ki – tickling tree).
    「サル」は “monkey,” 「スベリ」は “to slip” を意味します。

    This is because it swings as if it’s tickled when stroking the trunk of the tree.

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