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Suna wo Kamu (砂を噛む)

  • There is a Japanese phrase, “suna wo kamu youna omoi” (砂を噛むような思い).


    The “suna” (砂) means “sand,” the “kamu” means “to bite,” and the “omoi” means “feeling,” so the literal meaning of the combination is “feeling like biting sand.”

    Can you guess how this phrase is used?
    文字どおりの意味は “feeling like biting sand” ですが、実際にはどのような意味で使われるか想像できますか?

    Today, I will show you three choices, so please think about which one is correct.

    A. Extremely frustrating feeling.
    A. ものすごく悔しい気持ち

    B. Feeling that something isn’t interesting.
    B. 何もおもしろくないという気持ち

    C. Feeling that everything is happy.
    C. 狂ったように嬉しい気持ち

    This term represents that you feel things are dull because it has no taste.

    Therefore, the correct answer is the second choice.

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