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Niban Senji

  • There are several Japanese terms that mean to imitate something, such as “mane,” “mohou,” or “pakuri.”


    However, if you can use the term “niban senji” (二番煎じ), it may be a little cool.

    “Niban” (二番) means “second” and “senji” (煎じ) means to brew/decoct tea or medicinal herbs.

    That is to say, niban senji refers to brew something again that was brewed, and the taste of such tea or medicine will of course become thin.
    「二番」は “second,” 「煎じ」はお茶や薬などを煮て成分を取り出すことを意味します。

    Based on this fact, niban senji has come to refer to warmed-over things that imitates/repeats existing ones.

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