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International Conference Day 3

  • Today was the final day of the international conference.


    I felt bad from a hangover, but I went to the venue and listened presentations from the morning.

    After lunch, I went out to buy chocolates with a small sightseeing.

    The shop is “Demeestere” located in an outskirt of Leuven, and I found a rumor that the chocolates are really tasty on the Internet.

    It had a very good atmosphere, and I inadvertently bought a lot of chocolates (around 150 euro).
    ルーベンの郊外にある Demeestere というお店で、とても美味しいという噂をネットで見つけました。

    Then I came back to the conference, and after it finished, other Japanese participants and I went to Brussels for sightseeing.

    First we went to Grand Place, then saw famous Mannequin Piss, walked around Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, buy chocolates, and ate waffles.

    It was a very fulfill day.

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