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Ame Futte Ji Katamaru

  • Today, I will talk about the Japanese proverb “ame futte ji katamaru.”


    The literal meaning of this proverb is “the ground solidifies after a rainfall,” and it expresses that a relationship would get better after a conflict or a trouble happened.

    If it rains, the ground will become soft, and if the ground dries, it will be more firm than the initial state.

    This phenomenon came to be used for human relationships.

    There are also similar expressions in English: “After a storm comes a calm” and “After rain comes fair weather.”

    However, I’m not sure whether or not these English phrases are used mainly for human relationships like “ame futte ji katamaru.”
    英語では “After a storm comes a calm” (嵐の後に静けさが来る) や “After rain comes fair weather” (雨の後には晴れが来る) などと言います。

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