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Kami (God / Paper / Hair / Seasoning or Consideration)

  • Kami

    かみ(神 / 紙 / 髪 / 加味)

    Today, I will talk about the Japanese word “kami”, which has several meanings and kanji.

    The most commonly used kanji for “kami” are “神” (God), “紙” (paper) and “髪” (hair).

    Actually, only “神” has the different accent among the three kanji.

    The primary accent of “神” is “か”, while that of “紙” and “髪” is “み”.

    Therefore, it’s easy to distinguish “神” in a conversation.

    It’s a little difficult to distinguish “紙” from “髪”, but “髪” is often expressed as “髪の毛” (hair) for clarity.

    By the way, although it’s a little formal expression, “加味 (kami)” (seasoning/consideration) is also often used.

    “加味” has the same primary accent as “神”, but it’s easy to distinguish between the two, because “加味” is normally used with “~する (suru)” (do something), just like “加味する.”

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