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The Meaning of “Jibun

  • Today, I will talk about the meaning of the Japanese word “jibun.”


    Normally, “Jibun” means “I,” and is used when you refer to yourself.

    For example: “Jibun ha Tokyo shusshin desu (I am from Tokyo.)”

    However, in Western Japan, “jibun” means “you,” and is used when you refer to your conversation partner.

    For example: “Jibun doko kara kitann (where are you from)?”

    The reason is because they speak while thinking the conversation partner’s perspective.

    “Boku” is the first-person word for men, but we sometimes use it as the meaning of “you” toward young boys, such as “boku, nan-sai (how old are you)?”

    As just described, since first-person and second-person words are sometimes mingle in Japan, please be careful.

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