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Classroom Cleaning

  • Today, I’d like to introduce a custom of Japanese schools.


    Japanese schools (except university/college) usually don’t hire a cleaning staff, students clean their classrooms and equipment.

    In most cases, all students are separated into several groups, and each group cleans a classroom, a hallway, a toilet, or a schoolyard, respectively, everyday.

    If you search for “Japan school cleaning” on Google Images, you will find the scenes (which are so nostalgic for me…).

    For these reasons, I think we would become to use public facilities carefully so as not to blemish them.
    「日本 学校 掃除」などで画像検索すると、その様子を見ることができます(懐かしい・・・)。

    By the way, in most Japanese elementary/junior high/high schools, we change into indoor shoes when we enter the school buildings.

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