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A Little Cool Usage of “こと(koto)

  • Today, I will introduce a Japanese expression that I think is a little cool.


    An example sentence is shown below:

    「こと日本においては少子高齢化が問題となっている(In Japan in particular, the falling birth rate and the aging population have become a big problem.)」

    The “こと(which is written as ‘殊’ in kanji)” in this example means something like “in particular,” and it emphasizes following words.

    Actually, “特に (tokuni)” is often used in conversations as the meaning of “in particular”, but I think it’s cool if someone use “こと” or “殊に(kotoni).”
    ここでの「こと」は、漢字で書くと「殊」であり、「in particular」のような強調の意味を持ちます。

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