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Sentences on my Homepage

  • The following sentences will be posted on my homepage. I would like to create English version page, so I would appreciate it if you could correct my sentences.


    These days, I write some sentences in English every day on a language exchange social networking website called Lang-8. At first, I had mainly wrote my diary, but gradually what I write about was rolling away, and I began to write trivial things in English. Since the trivia has been piled up, I have a mind to post it in two languages (Japanese/English) for myself in my study. Although these sentences were corrected by native speakers, there might be some parts that the nuances are different or some minor mistakes. If you noticed these points, it is much appreciated if you could advise me.
    私は現在 lang-8 という添削サイトで、毎日英語で短い文章を書いています。始めのうちは日記が中心でしたが、いつからかネタが無くなり、ちょっとした雑学を英語で書くようになりました。書いたネタも大分たまってきたので、復讐を兼ねて、ここに2か国語(日本語/英語)で雑学を載せていこうと思います。一応ネイティブの方から添削済みの文章ではありますが、日本語とニュアンスが異なっていたり、細かいミスもあると思います。もしお気づきの点がございましたら、ご報告いただけますと幸いです。

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