Movement Distance of Blood

  • Within our bodies, blood is always circulating.


    Generally, blood seems to make a circuit of our bodies in around 23 seconds.

    This time means that the speed of blood is around 216 km per hour.
    一般的に、およそ 23 秒で血液は体を循環するそうです。

    Then, blood in our bodies moves approximately 96,540 km in total in a day.
    この時間は、血液がの速度がおよそ時速 216 km であることを意味します。

    This movement distance is almost equivalent to two and a half times as long as the circumference of the Earth.
    そして、体内の血液は1日でおよそ 96540 km も移動するそうです。

    I think this is kind of weird.

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