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Tiger Shark

  • Tiger Shark, included in one of the largest shark species, grows up to about 3m length and weigh about 400 kilograms.


    The name is derived from the fact that the sharks have stripe patterns like a tiger on their surface.
    イタチザメ(tiger shark)は、体の表面にトラのような縞模様があることに由来します。

    If we translate “tiger shark” into Japanese literally, it will become “トラ(tiger)ザメ(shark),” but “トラザメ” means “catshark.”
    Tiger shark をそのまま日本語に訳すとトラザメになりますが、トラザメを英語に訳すと catshark になります。

    If we translate “catshark” into Japanese literally, it will become “ネコ(cat)ザメ(shark),” but “ネコザメ” means “bullhead shark.”
    Catsharkをそのまま訳すとネコザメになりますが、ネコザメを英語に訳すと bullhead shark になります。

    Actually, “tiger shark” is translated “イタチ(weasel)ザメ,” and “catshark” is translated “ナヌカ(7 days)ザメ.”
    ちなみに、tiger shark はイタチザメ、catsharkはナヌカザメと言います。

    Like this, there are many confusing names in the field of animals.

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