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When I post English sentences with my native language on Lang-8.

  • When I post English sentences with my native language on Lang-8.

    Recently, when I post an English article, I also post article in my native language (Japanese) at the same time.

    And for now, I had written Japanese sentences in the form that is prepared for an article in a native language.

    However, I found that some people was writing sentences in a learning language and sentences in a native language alternately like this.

    Posting articles with our native languages is convenient to corrections, but if the distance between the article in their learning languages and the article in their native language was far, it might be a little troublesome to refer to their sentences.

    On the other hand, if we used this style, it would be easy to refer to corresponding sentences.

    Since I thought this idea was good, I am currently imitating that.

    For other people who are using Lang-8, what do they think about this style?

    I would be grateful if you could tell me about your views.

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