Midori no Hi (みどりの日 – Greenery Day)

  • Midori no Hi


    Today is Midori no Hi (みどりの日).

    Midori no Hi is a national holiday in Japan, and the purpose of the day is to commune with nature, appreciate its blessings, and expand our minds.

    Midori means “green” and hi means “day.”
    「みどり」は “green,” 「日」は “day” を意味します。

    In the past, May 4th was a holiday without a specific name, which was just sandwiched between Kenpō Kinenbi (憲法記念日 – Constitution Memorial Day) and Kodomo no Hi (こどもの日 – Children’s Day).
    (In Japan, a day between national holidays also becomes a holiday.)

    From 1989 to 2006, Midori no Hi was on April 29th, but it moved to May 4th in 2007.

    Since April 29th was originally the birthday of the Emperor Shōwa, this day is now a national holiday called Shōwa no Hi (昭和の日 – Shōwa Day).

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