Makura (枕 – Pillow)

  • Makura

    A few days ago, I bought a makura (枕 – pillow) with a futon (布団 – Japanese bedding).

    A makura is a tool to support your head when sleeping, and the general one is made by packing cotton or feathers in a cloth bag.

    There are several theories about the etymology of the makura.

    One theory said that the word tamakura (たまくら) was born because the pillow was considered as tamashii no kura (魂の蔵 – where to place a soul), then it changed to makura.

    Another theory says that the makura (間座 – another kanji for makura) was born because it is a kura (座 – supporting tool) for a ma (間 – space) between your head and the futon.

    It is an interesting fact that makuras (pillows) are used in almost everywhere regardless of country or culture.

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