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Okera ni Naru (おけらになる – Cleaned Out)

  • Okera ni Naru


    Recently, I bought some expensive devices and items for my study.
    (I once paid the expense, and it will be returned to me as a study spending after about two months.)

    Because of this, unfortunately I am about to “okera ni naru.”

    “Okera ni naru” means to lose almost all your money.

    “Okera” (おけら) is a common name for “kera” (ケラ), which means “Gryllotalpa orientalis,” and “ninaru” means “to become something.”
    「おけら」は昆虫の「ケラ」の俗称で、「になる」は “become” を意味します。

    The view of the Gryllotalpa orientalis from the anterior looks like as if it’s rasing the both hands.

    Also, the gesture rasing both hands means that he/she can’t do anything or is distressed.

    Therefore, “okera ni naru,” the literal meaning of which is “becoming Gryllotalpa orientalis,” has come to have the current meaning.

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